Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Troy Polamalu Needs to Hire Us.

I was shocked to see this during the Superbowl. The only reason it's Lightweight Racist, and not heavyweight, is that Troy had to sign off on this advertisement. Which brings us to a new venture... it seems LightWeight Racist could prevent catastrophies such as this if we were hired as consultants. Troy, you are undoubtedly a hero to thousands of Samoans and Polynesians the world over. What the FUCK are you doing letting a white man in a top hat pull you by your hair? As a groundhog? Are you an animal? Hope truTV.com paid you enough, brother.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

wedding racism

so i was in the bookstore the other day looking at wedding magazines. yeah, i know. but i was trying to get started with planning our wedding and i figured i might find some ideas there.
and a sure did.
apparently it's fashionable to have an "ethnic-theme" to your wedding. i guess appropriating cultural heritage is a theme?
as i flipped through the pages i was first struck by the above advertisement for bridesmaid dresses - i'm not exactly sure what the feather/painted stick decorations have to do with the robins egg blue dress, but i suppose they match.
as i continued to open magazines it became clear that i'd need to be taking photo evidence for the blog (sorry for the shitty glare).

there's the japanese-theme, complete with kimonos, parasols,

and no, none of them are japanese.

neither are they.

and i'm pretty sure these ladies aren't indian.