Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HP computers are RACIST. [VIDEO]

True indeed.

The Tech industry seems to be creating a huge market VOID. These racist products are creating a need for tech that includes people of color. Remember our earlier post about racism in the age of digital photography? Any software developers interested in making culturally sensitive inclusive optic technology, please inquire. LightWeight Racist would love to collaborate. Till then, you are RACIST.

Big up Black Dezzy(?) and White Wanda for their research.

also, BIG thanks to Sele's cousin for the tip!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Travel

Our dear friend Susana ear-hustled this gem from an ignorant woman at the airport:

About her brown and black puppy: "This is Tiger Woods. His mom was an all-white pure bred."

About her black lab: "I left Charles Barkley at home."

As you continue merrily home or otherwise toward your loved ones, we at LWR encourage you to keep an ear out for other in-transit gems. Send em to us, and we'll help you celebrate how far you've come and whose crazy thoughts and ideas you've left behind.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Be Daring In Bed"

From the December 2009 Issue SELF magazine

So, what your saying is racism, can heat up my love-life on a cold December night? Woo hoo!
Big up Megadeath for the tip!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

coming clean

have you seen this anti-health care reform commercial?

wow. i guess you are.
what really gets me about this ad is the look on people's faces - like "obviously i'm not a racist, how could you possibly think that?" as if racism is off the table. as if arguing against black and brown people getting necessary health care so that your own privileged benefits will not be sullied or diluted is not racist. as if this country isn't built on racism and genocide. i especially love this quote in the commercial:
"if a person is racist just for opposing Obama's health plan...then A LOT of people in this country are racist!"
um... yeah. am i supposed to think that's unlikely?

 here's rachel maddow's take on the ad. they get to a good analysis at about 7:00

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