Monday, October 19, 2009


Retailers at and Walmart thought this would make a good Halloween costume. We at LightWeight Racist thought we'd make and exception cuz it's blogworthy. The United Farm Workers thought so too, and at press time, Amazon has taken down their Illegal Alien costume, but has yet to formally address the issue. Their petition has been a success, but they want more...

CLICK HERE if you want to do something about it.

WalMart and Linens n' Things continues to sell these instant idiot makers.
"Be the hit of the party with our Illegal Alien Costume. You'll get so many laughs, it should be considered illegal. Includes mask, jumpsuit and green card."
-Linens-N-Things website ad.
The UFW is asking that discerning anti-racists call 1 800 609 9880 to give Linens-N-Things a piece of your mind and demand that they stop being fucking stupid, cuz afterall, it's 2009.

Question. Where are the petitions to remove other Racist costumes, such as the scantly Pocahontas (Poke-a-HOnt-ass), "Indian", and lets not forget the fratboy favorite "Afro" wig?! In addition to their illegal alien, Linens N' Things also sell the amazing "Hey Amigo" Adult costume.

Halloween is officially America's day for their inner-Racist to shine!

Warning: Wearing these costumes may get your ass beat. Friends don't let friends be racist.

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