Saturday, January 2, 2010

Racial Harmony for Black History Month

Prince Paul, the man behind many of your favorite hip hop sounds, seminal acts and producer of the new Heiroglyphics album has done it again. Paul's strength has always been creating wild theatrics, conceptual albums and gut busting self-depricating comedy. This time, it's interactive and thoughtfully recession friendly. This party might get him a nomination for LightWeight anti-Racist of the year.

If you're in New York February 12th, grab a friend and save some scratch!

Big up Cutsoversy for putting me up on awesome.


  1. Is this for real? Shame. This is the kind of antic that is stupid on paper, conceptually, and critically. I ask that Prince Paul be more creative and compassionate. He just lost one (fan). Now two...(the white girl)...

  2. hmmm where's the lightweight sexist page? i feel like an object.

    -- hannah

  3. wonder how many people just showed up with cocaine...