Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Racist TACOs in SF

I ate some Racist tacos the other day at Los Coyotes taqueria on 16th in the Mission, SF. They were aaite, but the lotteria table decor made it lightweight Racist. Lightweight because growing up, it turns out ALL Indians are "A-PA-CHEs" pronounced like a cuss word, with great disgust and loathing. Not to mention this dude has some FUNNY gear for an Apache, guess you loose that detail when you're running for your encroaching life.

BUT, lets not forget about another well known apache...
Incredible Bongo Band - The Apache

Apache Chief was introduced as a super hero, down with the Super Friends in 1977. His power was to grow hella big (50') when he said the apache word for "Big Man." He spoke and kept it stoic as fuck throughout. He was always somewhere near Wonder Woman... hmmm... Think he was rockin' that.

... Then, Family Guy got around to it..

Keep it Sureal.

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