Monday, May 4, 2009


The fighting pride of the Philippines vs. Manchester Englands "Hitman?"
Maybe is was all the trash talking, maybe it was Nationalism, but as a Pinoy, boxing fan, and a dude, I fucking loved this fight. Maybe too much. A boxer always carrys the their Nation on their back, in this case our beloved "Third World" nation knocked their nation ON its back... and OUT COLD! Ricky Hatton just learned a hard truth... an hungry mouth is an angry mouth. Pilippinos are de Pest! (Best!)
Does that make me Lightweight Racist? Hmmmm... Fuck it "I'll Bee Dat!"

- I'll Bee Dat

Watch. Repeat.

*Bonus* There's a shot of Jay-Z making doughnut mouth when the knock out "pance" hits Hattons mug. See if you can preez prame dat!
Chris Tucker - YGKTFO!

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